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Amazing wedding proposal ideas in 2017

Posted by Cammy Baldree

Greatest Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas

Get the box holding the band as a selection on the dessert tray at your favorite eatery.
Put together a gift basket of yummy treats–like dark chocolate, coffee or fresh fruit—and conceal the ring among the gifts (in its box, therefore it doesn't get lost in the goodies).
Ask the pastry chef to write, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate sauce throughout the rim of a dessert plate.
Ask a baker to make a custom cake with all the proposal written in frosting. Afterward, have the cake shown in the storefront and take your partner window shopping. Bring the cake house to share and celebrate afterward!

Holiday Marriage Proposal Ideas

On New Year's Eve, sneak away to a romantic area just before midnight and propose as an ideal beginning to the brand new year. Then celebrate with a kiss and a lot of champagne.
Surprise your fiance using a pet you have always liked to get together (bunny, kitten, puppy) under the Christmas tree and tie the ring around its neck. Or replace a stuffed animal— cute, but less care!
On the days leading up to February 14, plant Valentine's Day cards (like those you used to give out to classmates in third grade) with sweet messages written inside across the home. Then on Valentine's Day, present them with a box of chocolates including, you guessed it, the ring.
Propose during your local fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Work with a professional to set up a private message in sparklers that spells out "Marry me?"
Throw a Halloween jack-o'-lantern carving competition for friends and family where everyone reveals their designs. Unveil your pumpkin carved with your proposition last.

Corporate event venue

Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

Pick a favored location—whether itis a fountain, hotel rooftop, monument or national park—that's personal importance to the two of you. Once you're there, ask someone nearby to shoot an image of you together, and instead of posing, drop down on one knee.
Have a choir, brass band or drum line show up for a surprise performance of your fiance-to-be's favorite love song in a park or public location for your proposition. If they are able to include your fiance's name into the lyrics, for a truly personal contact, ask the performers.
Get in touch with the stage manager of your favored production and propose after the cast's curtain call. Phone ahead of time and see if you're able to get a particular note or advertising placement added into the playbill, so you got a keepsake of the proposal.
Arrange a surprise proposal with a road caricaturist. Have the caricaturist sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles that say, "Will you marry me?" and "Yes!"
Ask the divers at an aquarium to put on a proposal show inside their largest fish tank. Give them a (waterproof) signal that says, "Will you marry me?" to hold up against the glass and then position yourselves for what will, in the beginning, seem like feeding time.
Send your unsuspecting fiance-to-be on a treasure hunt that ends with your suggestion. Start with a hint at home (a handwritten note or text message) that leads to a tour of your favorite places all over town.
Go out for a night of dancing in order to dedicate a tune, and ask the DJ or bandleader to pass you the mic and suggest on the dance floor.
Hire a skywriter to spell your suggestion out for everyone about to see.
Take out a full page ad in a paper, and then decide the best place to have a relaxing morning of catching up on current events. Another twist on this particular notion is really to call into a radio station and after that ensure your fiance-to-be is listening when your proposition is on the air.

Destination Marriage Proposal Ideas

Plan an intimate destination holiday for two. When you're on the airplane, make use of the loudspeaker system (of course, run your strategy by the flight attendants first) and propose at 35,000 feet.
Rent bikes, scooter or a Vespa to tour the city and invite your -to-be fiance for a ride, but put on a helmet and remind them to be safe. Hand over the helmet (with the ring box already in it), after which you can zip around town to celebrate.
Visit the shore and build a sandcastle together (at a secure distance from the ocean!).When your partner isn't looking, put the ring on the highest tower.
After an extended day of sightseeing, have a drink in the hotel pub. When it's time to go, have champagne, candles and roses all set up in your hotel room—everything for a perfect surprise proposal.

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